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Annual Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Checklist

Having a well-kept, functional parking lot is essential to attracting customers to your business. Over time, parking lots can experience damage from normal wear and tear to issues caused by accidents or impacts on the surface. Conducting an annual inspection of your parking lot is one way you can protect this investment in your business. When you are in need of asphalt parking lot repair, the professionals at XSealer can help.

Parking Lot Repair Checklist

An annual inspection of the parking lot is the minimum recommendation. When doing your annual inspection, you should include the following on your parking lot repair checklist:


Is there debris in the parking lot? How often is the lot cleaned? If you notice debris, remove it immediately. Keeping the parking lot clean and clear attracts more customers to your establishment.


The minimum recommended time between sealcoating is three to five years; however, if your business has a lot of customers, you may want to make this part of your annual checklist. Sealcoating protects the surface of the lot from nature and extends the life of your parking lot.

Repairing cracks and potholes

No one wants to drive through potholes that can cause damage to vehicles. Repairing potholes draws in more customers. Cracks can also spread causing bigger holes as water gets under the parking lot surface. Making repairs before they spread keeps your lot functioning properly.


Painted lines fade over time due to weather and traffic. Repainting (restriping) your lot makes it more customer-friendly and safe.


Check your parking lot’s drainage system to make sure water isn’t ponding/pooling in the lot. Standing water not only accelerates parking lot deterioration but can also become a hazard to customers. In winter, standing water can freeze making walking dangerous. In spring and summer, it can be a breeding ground for biting insects.

Get Help With Asphalt Parking Lot Repair

Keeping up with parking lot maintenance can take a great deal of time and energy. You can utilize the services of the asphalt parking lot repair professionals at XSealer for your parking lot needs.

Call XSealer today for more information and a free estimate regarding commercial and residential sealcoating, paving, and parking lot repair. The professionals at XSealer are standing by to help.

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