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asphalt sealing in Annapolis-- XSealer Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Sealing Protects Your Investment

One of the best ways to protect your asphalt parking lot is to schedule sealcoating services every two to three years. These professional services keep your parking lot looking great while also giving it much-needed protection against the outside elements. Reaching out to a company that offers asphalt sealing in Annapolis is an excellent way to protect your investment and significantly boost the lifespan of your parking lot. Discover XSealer Asphalt Maintenance for all of your parking lot needs.

Top Reasons to Keep Up Parking Lot Maintenance for Your Business or HOA

1) Cost-Effective Option
Asphalt sealing plays a key role in protecting your parking lot from water damage. Moisture that penetrates the surface of your parking lot will eventually cause potholes, cracks, and even total asphalt failure. However, sealing the cracks of an asphalt parking lot makes it much more difficult for water to reach beneath the surface of the pavement. Ultimately, this limits the chance of damage and will help you avoid paying significant repair costs.

2) Avoid Asphalt Replacement
Another reason to consider asphalt sealing is that it helps to reduce the chance of needing asphalt replacement. These sealcoating services protect your parking lot in various ways, such as limiting oxidation, increasing skid-resistance, and providing additional protection against oil and gasoline stains. All of this helps to extend the lifespan of your parking lot and save your company a lot of money over the long-term.

3) Easier to Clean
Using asphalt sealing services also makes it much easier for you to keep your parking lot clean. A sealed pavement allows you to easily sweep a broom across the parking lot with only minimal resistance. On the other hand, a parking lot in need of sealcoating will often have cracks that will only continue to get bigger. You can limit these cracks by contacting a company to use a rubberized crack sealant for an added layer of protection.

Schedule Asphalt Sealing in Annapolis Today

XSealer Asphalt Maintenance specializes in asphalt sealcoating services for businesses and HOA’s in the Baltimore and Annapolis area. We also provide crack filling, line painting, asphalt patching, and much more. Our goal is to always offer the best asphalt sealing services at an affordable price. Contact us today for a free estimate! Or call us at 443-SEAL-NOW and we’ll answer all of your questions about asphalt sealing in Annapolis!

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