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Big Mistakes People Make When Seal Coating Asphalt

Seal coating is an important part of your asphalt maintenance. You want to protect your asphalt, keep it looking nice, and ensure it will last for as long as possible. Seal coating services are available for a reason and, though it may seem like an inexpensive option to seal coat on your own, it will likely cost you in the long run. It’s definitely better to let the professionals handle this process. Why? Well, here are a few big mistakes you could make if you don’t know what you are doing.

Misusing Materials

There’s a method to the seal coating process and it’s easy to make mistakes when you aren’t sure how to use the materials correctly. For example, you could apply too much sealer. If you overuse the sealer, you could experience earlier cracking. You will also need the right tools for the process. Professionals come with the right tools and you would have to either buy tools or use other things you have lying around, which may not be the right options for the job.

Using Seal Coating as A Filler

Seal coating is not meant to be used as a filler, it is meant to go over the entire paved area. If you use seal coating just to fill gaps and holes, that’s not going to help you. Rather, you need to patch those holes and cracks with asphalt before you put seal coating onto the surface.

Not Cleaning First

Asphalt can get dirty material and you will want to clean it and allow it to dry before you go through seal coating it. You want the seal coating to adhere correctly and right to the asphalt and not to any dirt that might be on the surface.

Seal Coating by Professionals

These are just a few problems that could occur when attempting to do your own seal coating without proper knowledge or equipment. Seal coating is a big process and it is best to leave it up to professionals who have the right tools and experience for the job. Yes, you will be paying more upfront, but it will save you money in the long run.

Get Seal Coating Services

The professionals at Xsealer Asphalt Maintenance are here to help you with your seal coating services and other asphalt needs. Contact us for a free estimate, we’re here to help you keep things in good order where your pavement is concerned.

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