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Commercial Asphalt and Sealcoating from XSealer Preserves Your Investment

Maintaining a commercial facility parking lot is vital to the safety of your buildings’ residents, and the overall appearance of your business. No one wants to drive through a parking lot filled with potholes, standing water, or weeds growing through the asphalt. Additionally, crumbling pavement gives the appearance of an unkempt and mismanaged property. Your parking lot and driveway is the first impression of your business or residential property. It’s important to properly maintain the area by making asphalt repairs as needed. Pease read on to learn about the benefits of commercial asphalt and sealcoating,

Advantages of Commercial Asphalt and Sealcoating

There are many benefits to sealcoating an asphalt driveway or parking lot. Along with the obvious smooth, black, and clean surface, which is an improvement in appearance, the many benefits to sealcoating, include:

• Protecting the asphalt from deterioration and weather damage.

• Eases maintenance. Most dirt will wash away when it rains. This will keep your parking lot looking clean even if you don’t go out and scrub it down. Also, leaves, snow, and other debris do not get stuck on the smooth surface of freshly coated asphalt.

• Sealcoating also hides patches, rough areas, small cracks and stains in the underlying asphalt.

• Parking lines and other traffic paint will also stand out more.

• Protect asphalt from UV raves by sealcoating. The sun’s rays increase asphalt’s porosity and make it more susceptible to staining and other damage from oil and gas spills. By seal coating, you help resist this damage and extend its life.

Quality Asphalt Services from XSealer

XSealer is a professional driveway sealing company with years of experience servicing commercial properties. We use top grade materials and equipment, to extend the lifespan of your parking lot and other asphalt surfaces. We also excel in the best preventative parking lot maintenance such as asphalt repair, parking lot striping, patching, crack filling, and more.

At XSealer we understand that your asphalt is a very significant investment when it comes to your property or business. We guarantee services that are timely, courteous and professional. Contact us today for commercial asphalt and sealcoating that not only ensures an attractive appearance to your tenants and customers, but also preserves your investment and helps save in regular maintenance costs.

XSealer Asphalt Maintenance is a locally owned and operated company based out of Howard County with over 15 years of experience. For information on sealing asphalt parking lots contact XSealer for all of your asphalt maintenance needs.

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