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Difference Between Asphalt Overlay and Asphalt Sealcoating

Knowing the differences between Asphalt Overlay and Asphalt Sealcoating when repairing your driveway or parking area is crucial to the life of your pavement. Asphalt Overlay and Asphalt Sealcoating are both options in caring for your asphalt.

 All Asphalt Not Created Equal

The difference between asphalt overlay and asphalt sealcoating is pretty elemental. Asphalt sealcoating is a way to protect your pavement. Putting down a sealcoat of asphalt may fill shallow breaks in the surface, while filling the larger cracks with can help to prevent water damage.

Consider sealcoating as the required maintenance for your pavement. It is more like paint than pouring concrete or repaving your asphalt. Sealcoating your surface will reduce damage from water and sunlight. Maintaining your pavement every two to four years will extend the life of your surface much more than if you neglected this task.

Asphalt overlay is a bit more of project. Often times a paver will even out your surface first and then put down a hot layer of asphalt. Asphalt overlay is appropriate for smaller scale repairs like pot holes, crocodile cracks, and cracking. The intention for the asphalt overlay is to repair your pavements’ surface.

Be warned that asphalt overlay cannot repair problems beneath the asphalt. Asphalt overlay is a response measure to reinforce the current surface of asphalt. Asphalt overlay does not provide any structural support and is also known as non-structural overlays because the thickness of the overlay is generally between half an inch and one and a half inches thick. This layer of asphalt would strengthen the existing surface and maintain it’s repaired form for many more years than without the restoration work.

Essentially, sealcoating is preparing your asphalt for the storms it will weather during its life. Asphalt overlay is a response to a minor or superficial repair that doesn’t involve a brand new driveway or parking area.

It’s vital to sealcoat your asphalt: doing so will give the pavement a defense from water and other elements which may deteriorate the integrity of your asphalt area. The seal coating will add a sheen to polish it up and protect it from the heat of the sun.

It is also crucial to repair any minor and major repairs to your asphalt. A small problem isn’t going to go away on it’s own, it will only get bigger. Be proactive with your crocodile cracks and invest in an asphalt overlay to protect your property. To have an expert come and take a look at the pavement on your property for any reason at all, get in touch with XSealer Asphalt Maintenance. From the professional grade equipment, to the 10+ years of experience, to the superb customer service, XSealer Asphalt Maintenance’s team has the professionals to call for any asphalt paving job in Howard, Anne Arundel & Baltimore Counties.


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