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Do you Need Pavement Maintenance for Apartments?

Property maintenance is a top priority for building managers of condos and apartment buildings. An area you can’t overlook is your parking areas and driveways. The right upkeep protects the asphalt surfaces from damaging elements. If you need expert pavement maintenance for apartments, XSealer has you covered.

Why Sealing Pavement is Important

Car fluids such as oil, gas, and antifreeze can be damaging to the pavement. Plus, over time rain, snow, ice, UV rays, and oxygen also create issues. The UV rays can make asphalt brittle while the rain, snow, and ice can create pools underneath the surface which leads to cracking. Seal coating helps protect your parking area.

Another benefit that seal coating provides is an increase in surface friction. After years of use pavement particles become smooth and polished this makes the roadway become slippery. When the roadway becomes slippery, it becomes difficult to stop which can be hazardous. Seal coating will change the pavement texture by adding surface friction properties it is missing.

It’s also important to fix cracks in your parking lot before sealing it. Sealing cracks is a relatively quick task if the cracks are minor. To seal a small crack, the contractor will clean the area of debris and then fill them in with a sealant.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Company for Asphalt Seal coating

A professional and experienced asphalt contractor will complete the job in the correct way. A job well-done means the results last. An experienced company will also be knowledgeable about the task and offer you the best advice on the steps to take when it comes to your pavement maintenance.

If you are thinking about performing a pavement maintenance task on your own, you may make matters worse. On the other hand, a professional has the skills it takes to perform high-quality paving. They possess the right equipment, can get the job done quicker, and avoid accidents or injuries.

XSealer: Pavement Maintenance for Apartments

At XSealer we have over 10 years of experience with both residential and commercial seal coating and paving in the Maryland area. We offer services such as line painting, sealcoating, crack filling, and more. For additional information, contact us for a free estimate.

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