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HOA pavement care -- XSealer Asphalt Maintenance

Don’t Neglect HOA Pavement Care

When you’re the HOA manager of a residential complex, it’s up to you to maintain smooth streets, walkways, and parking lots. Asphalt maintenance ensures safety, keeps the area looking good, and saves money by reducing the need for expensive overlays and repairs. If you need HOA pavement care in the Baltimore area, discover XSealer Asphalt Maintenance. We offer services such as line painting, crack filling, and sealcoating.

Essential HOA Pavement Care

If you have asphalt paved walkways, parking lots and streets, it’s a good idea to create a plan to care for these surfaces. Asphalt lasts a long time when properly taken care of. Every 2-3 years you should have a professional apply sealcoating. This step is one of the most important for asphalt care. Applying dark black protective layers protects pavement from heat, water runoff, chemicals, salt, and natural wear and tear. It’ll make your asphalt look fresh.

Next, another important step in maintaining your asphalt is to seal and fill cracks. Fill holes and cracks immediately because water penetrating the surface harms the structural integrity of the pavement. An aspect of HOA pavement care that’s often overlooked is parking lot drainage. Proper drainage ensures the longevity of the parking lot. If you notice water running down the middle of the parking lot, pooling water, or a dusty residue in spots, these are signs that it’s not draining properly. Lastly, it’s likely you’re required to keep the parking lot markings updated like handicap spots and lane lines. A parking lot with new markings makes it look bright and more presentable. You help increase curb appeal and maintain the value of your complex.

Do You Need HOA Pavement Care?

XSealer Asphalt Maintenance has over 15 years of experience providing high-quality patching, line striping, and sealing for residential and commercial clients in the Maryland area. We only use the best equipment and products when completing our jobs. For more information about our services or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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