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Everything You Need to Know About the Sealcoating Process

Our driveways are an extension of our homes and we must maintain them. Without regular maintenance and sealcoatings, asphalt can begin to fade, crack and deteriorate. This can happen due to heavy rains, snow, traffic, car fluids, and more, which penetrates into the surface of the asphalt without proper sealcoating to protect it.  If you’ve noticed that your driveway is beginning to look old and you’re searching for asphalt sealcoating Catonsville, XSealer Asphalt Maintenance is here for you.

What is Asphalt Made Of and Why Does It Need to Be Sealed?

Stone aggregates and asphalt cement are combined to make asphalt. Because of its chemical makeup, substances such as water, oils/chemicals, and salt may easily break it down, causing the surface of asphalt to change from black to grey.

Sealcoating is meant as a layer of protection and is not a solution for broken asphalt. Once asphalt begins to break down, you cannot simply sealcoat it to fix the cracks or holes. You must first repair and fill the holes before applying a protective layer of sealcoating.

The Asphalt Sealcoating Process:

While the process may seem simple, it is important to have a professional asphalt sealcoating company apply your sealcoating. When the sealcoating company arrives, they will walk you through the following process:

  • Grass around the borders of the pavement is trimmed.
  • The entire pavement is cleaned.
  • Before receiving a single coat of oil spot primer to provide a strong cohesiveness between the marked regions and newly applied sealer, oil and petroleum are heat flashed to remove any surface solvents present on the asphalt.
  • Cracks that are 3/8 inch or bigger are cleaned and filled with crack filler.
  • Sealcoating is applied.
  • Once sealcoated, it’s critical to stay off the surface while it dries to allow time to bond to the asphalt.

Looking for Professional Asphalt Sealcoating Catonsville?

We have over 10 years of experience with asphalt paving and asphalt construction, including asphalt sealcoating Catonsville. When you need residential or commercial paving we can help. We are experts in stone grading, asphalt patching, asphalt resurfacing, and new asphalt paving installation. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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