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HOA asphalt sealing services

Homeowners Association’s (HOA) must focus on the upkeep of vast areas, including the condition of asphalt in the neighborhood. Various elements come into play when managing this responsibility effectively. Municipal ordinances, public appeal, resident convenience, and investor assets must be maintained. Seek HOA asphalt sealing services that are professional, experience and enjoy a history of excellent service provision to ensure that this responsibility is well met. XSealer Asphalt Maintenance delivers on all fronts. Read on to learn more!

Exceptional HOA Asphalt Preservation

Keeping vast expanses of paving, driveways, recreational areas, and more is a heavy responsibility. When not properly maintained, costs easily soar out of control, leaving HOA members with an even greater problem on their hands.

Parking lots should be sealed regularly to maintain their integrity. Because parking lots are subjected to intense pressure from heavy traffic by vehicles and people, it is vulnerable to damage. Additionally, large asphalt surfaces fade due to weather conditions and oxidation. Dependent on weather conditions in the specific location of the HOA, experts recommend that sealing should take place at least once every 2 years.

Seal coating with a thin liquid bitumen formula contains many benefits for HOAs. the advantages of regular seal coating include:

  • Repair of asphalt degradation in the form of cracks
  • Slowing of additional oxidation, resulting in the extended lifespan of the parking lot
  • Added weatherproofing against water infiltration
  • A darker, aesthetically appealing surface that is easier to keep clean
  • Smoother surfaces also facilitate snow removal

Regular upkeep is necessary to save on the costs of preserving asphalt in a quality condition. HOAs can explore qualified services such as asphalt seal coating, asphalt emulsion or Gilsonite coating, and sand-based crack, rubberized tar base or hot crack filling for surfacing requirements. At XSealer our experts are ready to advise on these and other services such as new asphalt paving, overlays, re-surfacing, patching, stone grading or tar and chip.

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Enjoy the benefits of regular seal coating of HOA parking lots and pavements to reduce maintenance costs in the long run. For asphalt seal coating and other services such as line painting, crack filling or more, call XSealer today. Contact us for a free estimate!

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