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How to Increase the Lifespan of Asphalt Pavement

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Asphalt Pavement

Getting an asphalt parking lot or a driveway is a large investment, and you probably want to see it last for as long as possible. A high-quality asphalt pavement can last for an average of 15-20 years. The freezing cycle and the soil underneath are the main factors that determine the lifespan of the pavement. If an area has a low freeze or freeze-thaw cycle, then the life expectancy is longer.

Pavement requires regular maintenance and upkeep to keep the asphalt protected. Below are tips to follow to help increase the lifespan of asphalt pavement to over 25 years so that you can get the most out if your investment.

Protect It from Water Damage

Water is one of the enemies of asphalt and you should prevent any water intrusion through the pavement as much as is possible. Water is liable to freeze and thaw which is decidedly bad for the pavement. It prematurely damages the pavements, so you should absolutely try to get a good drainage away from the parking lot and the driveway. You can also ask your asphalt paving contractor to help you with this during the paving process.

Fill Cracks and Sealcoat

If the pavement has cracked, then it’s good to seal them as frequently as needed. Sealcoating it periodically helps to prevent oxidation from taking place on the surface. However, you should not over-seal it as it could shorten its lifespan. Sealcoat it only if the previous seal has been worn out due to traffic to a point where the damage is significant and there are portions that are left bare.

Replace the Asphalt If Worn Out

You know that it’s time to replace the asphalt if it stops functioning well, meaning it isn’t draining properly or there is too much settling. Also, if it looks unpleasant and unattractive and it does not seem to recover its look after crack filling and seal coating, you need to replace it. Damaged asphalt is not safe as it could lead to slips and falls and other potential accidents.

The life expectancy of asphalt pavement varies depending on the traffic, climate, and maintenance. It is possible to make it last long depending on the strength of the base, the soil type under it, and how the soil drains. Make an effort of following the above tips, and it could last for over 20 years.

If you want to learn more about how you can increase the lifespan of asphalt pavement on your property, get in touch with XSealer Asphalt Maintenance. From the professional grade equipment, to the 10+ years of experience, to the superb customer service, XSealer Asphalt Maintenance’s team has the professionals to call for any asphalt paving job in Howard, Anne Arundel & Baltimore Counties.

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