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Pot Holes And Crack Repair Glen Burnie

Pot Holes And Crack Repair Glen Burnie

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This winter has been a cold one! Even today, as I write this, it is arctic temperatures out there. The furnaces are doing everything they can to keep us warm. And, unfortunately, winter is going to give another hurrah in just a few short days. Even though winter is still going strong, and we’re not quite into the I’m-thinking-about-my-driveway‘s-asphalt season yet, many of you have been shoveling and are probably noticing that your driveways are beginning to crumble and crack.

You guessed it! Rock salt and various ice melt products are definitely taking their toll. They’re great to get our driveways passable during a cold, wintery day but they sure have a way of destroying curb appeal.

But, ice melt chemicals may not be the only reason your driveway‘s asphalt is showing signs of damage. It could also be from a lack of proper asphalt maintenance during the warmer months. Let me explain.

During the long, warm days of summer, most are daydreaming of vacation. Very few are making preparations so that their asphalt stays in tip top shape during the winter. Think about how many times you may have walked to the end of your driveway to get the mail. How many times have you passed by a long, deep crack in your asphalt and didn’t give it even a passing thought? For most, that’s the common action. Very few think about those cracks in the driveway until the asphalt is damaged and they have to pay a small fortune for a repair. A repair, they discover all too late, that they could have avoided with simple asphalt maintenance.

You see, if that crack you’ve noticed in your driveway is left unfilled and unsealed, water will inevitably seep into that crack and freeze during the winter, wreaking havoc.  As you can imagine, this presents a freezing, thawing, and refreezing scenario that plays out day and night the whole winter long. It’s not hard to imagine, but this process can cause those small cracks in your driveway to open up into much larger, and unsightly, potholes.

But, there is a solution! And, its far less costly than letting your driveway crack and break apart due to improper asphalt maintenance.

X Sealer, a professional asphalt paving, sealcoating, and asphalt repair company, can professionally hot fill your asphalt‘s potholes and seal your driveways. This type of asphalt maintenance and driveway repair can save you thousands! Give the pros at XSealer Asphalt Maintenance a call today or simply contact us using our convenient online contact form!

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