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Residential Asphalt Services

For When Your Driveway Needs Work
You’re here for a reason. Your residential asphalt or concrete driveway needs work. If you have a concrete driveway, your solution is simple: have XSealer Asphalt Maintenance install an asphalt driveway over the concrete or tear out the concrete and replace it with asphalt. Xsealer Asphalt Maintenance works primarily in seal coating services, but has the capability to do anything asphalt related.
Seal coating your driveway helps to prevent the following issues:

Your asphalt driveway needs to be seal coated at least within the first 1-2 years of its lifetime. If it is not, the greying of your driveway will be an indicator of a major, yet often overlooked, issue: stone erosion. The stone in the asphalt will literally flake off and eventually wash away. This process destroys the surface of your driveway and exposes the core to water damage and eventually cracking. The base of the driveway might shift and, if the surface is not held together strongly, the driveway will fail and crack.

Seal Coating and Paving

Asphalt Seal Coating Services
Asphalt Paving Services

We highly recommend getting your driveway seal coated every three years at minimum, or every two ideally, in order to ensure the maximum driveway lifetime / durability. Anything sooner than around 15-17 months might cause issues with the driveway. The material needs time to wear. Imagine putting a layer of lotion on your body, and then another, and another, all in a few minutes or hours in the day. You’re just going to end up dripping with lotion. Sealer can get wet and sticky if used too often. It can and will track into your home if you have it done too often, unless advised otherwise.

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