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Sealcoat Your Asphalt Driveway the Right Way

Ever wonder how the professionals sealcoat your asphalt driveway? Getting it done the right way is one of the best methods to preserve this surface and to make it look great. There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to complete this task, and they are done as follows:

Fixing Holes And Cracks

The first step in asphalt sealing or sealcoating is to have any cracks or holes fixed immediately. When a patch is applied to any hole or crack of a significant size you are well on your way to having your driveway fixed.

Sweeping And Hosing

Before paving begins, a wire broom and commercial leaf blower are used to remove debris. Any dirt, leaves, or other such items need to be completely moved.

Cleaning And Drying Oil Spots

Any spots of oil on your driveway should be cleaned and left to dry before the paving begins.

Mixing Of The Sealcoat

The tank holding the sealcoat to be used on your driveway needs to be flipped in order to mix it up. This is important when it comes to applying it. A hydrolic aggregation system is used to accomplish this because it should not be done by hand.

Pouring And Spreading The Seal

Once the sealcoat has been prepared, the material is spread around the sidewalks and garage, or any area that needs special care. A hose with an 8-foot wand is used to accomplish this. Once the careful edges have been “trimmed,” an even coat is sprayed with with about a 3-foot-wide “fan” spray.

Avoiding The Driveway

When the process is complete it is important to ensure that no one enters the driveway until the sealant has completely dried. The ideal period of time where your driveway needs to be off limits is 24 hours.

Once applied it takes time for the seal coating to try. This is why it is important to have this task completed when the weather conditions are expected to cooperate. The best time for drying is when the temperature is higher than 50 degrees and there is no rain forecast in the immediate future. The more you know about asphalt maintenance the easier it will be to maintain a driveway you can be proud of.

Check out our video on how we use sealcoating on a driveway to see it in action!

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