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Sealcoating vs. Asphalt Paving

Sealcoating vs. Asphalt Paving

When making home improvements, it’s always good to update your driveway. Chances are that weather conditions and daily use will take their toll on it eventually. Having proper maintenance performed on your driveway is important” the two options for doing so are sealcoating vs asphalt paving. While some people think these two tasks are the same thing, they are actually very different.

The Facts of Sealcoating vs Asphalt Paving

The environment that you live in should help to dictate which option you choose. Since asphalt paving is generally dark, it will retain heat. During the winter months, any ice or snow on your driveway will melt faster if you have asphalt as opposed to sealcoating.

Asphalt paving can crack easily as it ages. It also needs to be kept protected because moisture can cause it to become severely damaged.

It is easier to preserve pavement when sealcoating is applied to it. Since the coating is so thin, it works well to protect the pavement. Prior to having your driveway sealcoated, you need to fill in any cracks you find.

In general, having new apshalt paving installed is something that you should only do if the paving you already have cannot be repaired. The best way to maintain your driveway is to have asphalt paving installed and then to have the sealcoating applied. Every other year you will need to have the sealcoating applied again.

Not only does sealcoating allow your driveway to last longer, but it is also much less expensive than having asphalt paving laid down. If you choose to have sealcoating applied, then the pavement must be at least ninety days old before that can happen.

When your driveway is sealcoated, it will be easier to wash it when necessary. The coating keeps chemicals and water from damaging your driveway and also slows down the process of oxidation.

A sealcoating application covers your driveway in a liquid coating specially formulated to help preserve it. The hardening of the liquid then gives your driveway the proper texture. Only you can decide whether it is better for your property to have your driveway paved and/or equipped with sealcoating. Either way, maintaining your driveway is important.

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