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Shopping Center Paving Company

You may ask…How often should I sealcoat my shopping center parking lot? Over time the surface of asphalt becomes faded due to oxidization. It looks unattractive and can be dangerous if holes or cracks appear. Depending on the weather in your area as well as the amount of traffic in your parking lot, seal coating should be done every couple of years. If you need a shopping center paving company, XSealer can update your parking lot.

The Benefits of Seal Coating

Seal coating your parking lot protects the asphalt. It also prevents the freeze-thaw damage that occurs due to changes in temperature throughout the seasons.

If you notice cracks, you’ll want to get them fixed right away. Stop them before they can become larger. During the winter when the freeze-thaw cycle takes place, the cracks will expand and allow water to reach beneath the pavement. Once the cracks are filled and sealed it will provide better protection from water penetration and decrease the chance of potholes forming.

The dark, fresh looking asphalt after it has been seal coated not only improves the aesthetic of your parking lot, but it makes a smooth surface that is easier to clean. Rain can wash away dirt and debris from the smooth surface enhancing its appearance. Snow removal will be easier as well.

The sun rays can be harmful to your asphalt parking lot and seal coating will protect it from UV rays, gasoline, diesel fuel, and salt. Since the surface voids are filled, any oil and gas leaking from cars won’t penetrate the asphalt.

Seal coating also helps slow further oxidation of the top layer and replaces the fine particles that were lost from the surface. All of these benefits extend the life of your parking lot.

XSealer: Shopping Center Paving Company

XSealer Asphalt Maintenance brings over a decade of experience to every job. We offer many residential and commercial services such as driveway sealing, asphalt parking lot striping, patching, stone grading, and more. For more information, contact us or fill out the form for a free estimate.

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