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The Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Skip Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a special asphalt sealing that can extend the life of your driveway or parking lot and help keep it in good condition. Both normal wear and tear and the natural elements can cause damage to your asphalt. Sealcoating can not only help protect the asphalt, but it can also enhance your asphalt’s visual appearance. If you’re interested in asphalt sealing Annapolis, we have put together six reasons why you don’t want to skip sealcoating this spring.

1.) It Can Help Save Money in the Longrun

Asphalt and other driveway materials are an investment, so it’s important to do everything you can to protect that investment. By providing a layer of protection between your asphalt and elements, you are helping avoid costly repairs that may arise.

2.) It Can Help Your Asphalt Lasts Longer

As mentioned, because of sealcoating, the elements and other debris have a harder time reaching the asphalt. The sealcoating materials provide a protective barrier that will stop water from seeping in and causing cracks and potholes to form.

3.) It Boosts Appearance

Just as a nicely manicured lawn is important for curb appeal, so is a nice-looking driveway. While sealcoating will not fill in cracks and potholes (you must fill holes before sealcoating), it will provide a richer look to your asphalt.

4.) It Increases Safety

When your asphalt is chipped and cracked, you can catch a toe and stumble. Potholes and cracks can also cause damage to your car. As mentioned, sealcoating can help stop those holes and cracks from forming, which creates a safer environment for your driveway or parking lot.

5.) Provides Water Damage Protection

Water damage can be especially bad during the winter when water freezes and seeps into cracks in your driveway. Sealcoating helps prevents those cracks from forming, thus protecting it from water damage.

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