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The Top 7 Types of Asphalt Cracking

Many conditions can cause asphalt cracking including harsh weather, drainage problems, extreme climate, traffic loads, and incorrect or poor quality material. A parking lot repair company such as Xsealer can help you identify the cause of your asphalt crack and can help fix the crack as soon as possible.

Types of Asphalt Cracks

Edge cracking is a longitudinal crack that occurs close to the edge of the asphalt. They’re caused by underlying material and soil drying. The solution to edge cracking is asphalt emulsion slurry as well as improved drainage.

Slippage cracking is crescent-shaped and caused by non-adhesive material between layers which leads to poor bonding. To repair this crack the material around it must be removed until there’s a layer with adequate bonding. Then patching can be done to the upper area.

Reflecting cracking happens when the asphalt is placed over cracking or jointed asphalt. The old layers shift, causing the new layers to shift and crack as well. If the cracks aren’t extremely severe, crack sealant can fix them. If the cracks are severe, the layer needs to be replaced.

Transverse cracking appears perpendicular to the center line and occurs because of low temperatures or because someone used an asphalt grade that was too hard for that particular climate. Usually, this type of crack is repaired with sealant or a new overlay.

Fatigue cracking, or alligator cracking, occurs when the load on the asphalt cannot be supported by the weak base, subgrade, or surface. It’s caused by weak drainage and the affected material must be replaced with asphalt mix.

Block cracking shows up as large rectangles or squares in your pavement and can happen if the original asphalt was applied without sufficient moisture. Overlay is the solution for severe cracks.

Lastly, longitudinal cracking occurs parallel to the centerline and can be due to a number of reasons such as a poorly constructed joint. Proper adjustments must be made and then resealed.

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