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What Property Managers Should Know About Commercial Asphalt Sealer

As a property manager, your job revolves around keeping people safe and the property aesthetically appealing. Part of that revolves around property maintenance tasks, such as asphalt care. Fortunately, XSealer supplies commercial asphalt sealer services to help, including these six benefits.

1. It Attracts Customers

If you want the business to make a good first impression, a shiny, black asphalt surface is the way to go. Visitors and passersby will notice the well-maintained parking lot and see that the business is professional and well-maintained.

2. Reduces UV Ray Exposure

The sun might be necessary for everything to grow, but it can be quite damaging to asphalt. As it causes the asphalt to heat up and expand, the material becomes more vulnerable to cracking, especially as it warms and cools repeatedly. Sealing the asphalt preserves it and adds a protective coating to shield it from the sun’s UV rays.

3. Increases Oil and Gas Resistance

Sealing a driveway protects against an oil or gas spill. These substances, especially when left on the asphalt for prolonged periods, can soften it. The sealant prevents this from happening. Keep in mind that oil and gas stains affect the appearance of the parking lot and can be a danger to the staff and customers.

4. Makes it Easier to Clean

The sealcoat makes the pavement easier to sweep, shovel snow from, and pressure wash. As a result, it makes your, or whose ever, job a bit easier.

5. Increases Flexibility and Reduces Cracks

Inclement weather and use over time can cause the asphalt to expand and crack, making it more vulnerable to damage. The sealant enhances the asphalt’s flexibility and makes it less vulnerable to cracks and other damage.

6. Extends the Life of the Asphalt

Extend the life of your asphalt by getting a sealcoat after it sets and hiring us for routine sealings every one to five years. You’ll ward off expensive repairs, make your parking lot a safe place for cars and people, and ensure it looks fantastic for years to come.

Contact A Commercial Asphalt Sealer Today

At XSealer Asphalt Maintenance, we offer residential and commercial asphalt sealer services. We also provide paving, repairs, and more. Contact us to learn more or get a free estimate.

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