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Why Parking Lot Line Striping is Important for Your Business

Over the winter months, harsh weather such as snow and ice can cause a lot of wear and tear on your business’ parking lot. This is especially true for your parking lot’s lines which can begin to fade as time wears on. Because of this, spring is the perfect time to fix potholes, work on sealcoating, fill in cracks, and repaint parking lot line striping.

Parking Lot Line Striping:

Prevent Damage

By clearly marking the parking spaces, you are helping customers avoid incidents and damage to their vehicles. Faded parking lot lines can make it hard for people to identify parking spaces. These unmarked spaces can cause damage to property such as car body damage from vehicles being parked too closely together.

Help Determine the Appropriate Amount of Space Between Lines

A professional asphalt company can determine the right amount of space to put between each line. They can also determine how many spots you can safely fit into your parking lot. A good asphalt company can also help you reconfigure your parking lot so that you are most efficiently using your space.

Help Maintain Crossings & Reduce Liability

Business owners have certain safety obligations such as maintaining pedestrian crossings, handicap spots, and fire lanes. If parking lot lines are too faded, you can create an unsafe environment for your business’ visitors. This unsafe environment can not only hurt people, but it can also be a liability to your business. If people are injured on your business’ property due to unpainted lines, your business may be held accountable.

Boosts Curb Appeal

Aside from making your parking lot safe, a fresh coat of parking lot stripes can significantly increase your business’ curb appeal. When people see a business that puts care into its appearance, it reflects positively on their overall experience.

Looking for Parking Lot Line Striping?

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