Meet XSealer

Locally Owned and Operated

XSealer Asphalt Maintenance LLC is a locally owned and operated business with 10+ years of experience and expertise. Founder, Allen Lambert III, will always be on the job site for customer service and quality assurance.

We provide unmatched, high quality Asphalt Maintenance in Maryland to include driveway sealing, asphalt parking lot striping, patching and paving, and more! Don’t wait any longer to get started on your asphalt project- call our qualified professionals today!

  • 10+ years experience
  • Dry time 6 - 24 hrs
  • Serving the Baltimore Metro area
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A Closer Look

Quality Asphalt Work

XSealer’s owner, Allen Lambert III, performs the majority of the labor intensive, asphalt seal coating himself. On smaller jobs, a small crew of two will work to complete the seal coating project. For asphalt paving and larger asphalt seal coating jobs, we have a slightly larger crew, depending on the work to be carried out. In general, you can expect to have your driveway finished within one day. In about 1-2 hours, the average asphalt driveway can be cleaned, repaired, and seal coated. Dry time ranges from 6-24 hours.

The average driveway needing new asphalt paving or asphalt resurfacing should take one day, but could take up to three or four days. There are countless variables involved, such as clay which needs to dry underneath the project area, rain in the forecast, and other foundation issues. Needless to say, the foundation is extremely important when paving a new asphalt driveway.

We provide the best service in industry

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